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Find steel pipe stock in China

Hard to find steel pipes stock in your country or is it too expensive?

Find stock pipes in China where half of pipes are produced and that's why it has every spec/grade/size.

Based on our strong sourcing network in China, we can help you to find stock immediately.


Wide Coverage

Partnership with over 50 mills and several key stockists in china

cover every stock you need


Fast Process

Find any stock in China within only 3 days & deliver stock within 10 ~ 15 days 


Quality Guaranteed

Provide factory, port, loading inspection by us or 3rd party inspection for free 

Current Stock List (2th Feb, 2020)

Currently, we only disclose SMLS stock information because of security. If you are interested in other items in stock,

please feel free to contact us as well. We will check stock availability and let you know within 2 days.

1) SMLS Line Pipe - API 5L / ASTM A106


Search by keywords such as Grade, OD, WT, Factory

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