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  • How many offers can I get at one RFQ on average?
    Basically we're aiming to give 5 offers for your RFQ. However in case your item is very rare and not much manufacturers produce those products, the number of offers might be less than usual.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?
    For general spec/grade/size, we apply 5MT MOQ per each size. In case your RFQ is not general items and less than MOQ, we will include our MOQ requirement on the offer.
  • Are your offer prices 100% accurate?
    We provide the most accurate price possible after visiting and having a frequent meeting with manufacturers. We know the price trend and control the risk by guaranting the offer validity. The price would be accepted by manufacturers as long as your order booking is made within the validity
  • Is this offer service really free?
    Yes, it is totally free and you can check the best price at this moment.
  • If it's free to use Mr. Pipe Offer, why do you run this service?"
    Process of pipe purchase is still offline-oriented and depends on personal relationship with manufacturers due to trust issue. We hope we can build trust with the customers through online & offline contact. And we will contribute to transparent & convinient pipe purchase globally. In the long term, we'd like to be a trustworthy brand that global customers are willing to rely on.
  • Do you supply only pipe products mentioned on homepage? Or do you cover more?
    This is our first step starting the service with pipe item. We're preparing for another service and will expand to other steel item area gradually.
  • How did you get in touch with the manufacturers?
    Before we launch "Mr.Pipe Offer" service, we have worked as a global steel trader, overseas sales manager in top class pipe manufacturer and succesful IT company for more than 10 years. In the past we have contracted many pipe manufactures and we selected qualified manufactuers to put in our Database with the below criteria. 1. Certification : API, ISO, DNV and etc 2. Claim rate & appropriate Reponse 3. Production & Delivery time
  • If I like your offer and want to place an order, what should I do?"
    You can contact the manufacturer directly and proceed the contract with them. However if you have difficulties in contacting manufacturers and manage a contract, we can help you with our premium trading service. If you want to figure out more details of our service, we can communicate by e-mail or video conference.
  • Yor're saying 'Premium trading service'. What's different from other trader's service?
    If you're satisfied with our offer price & conditions and decide to purchase the pipes through Mr. Pipe Offer, we will be making official contract each other. Then Mr. Pipe Offer will be responsible for the whole process from production to shipment providing regular monitoring report and loading survey. Because we know the best way to minimize the claim is a strict inspection during production, transportation and loading.
  • What will be payment terms on the contract?
    Our standard payment terms is 20% advance payment + 80% against cargo ready. However if you have another payment suggestion such as adjusting T/T percentage, L/C terms, credit financing, we can discuss it each other by e-mail or video conference. In case you need the long term financing period, we can try to arrange it through global steel trading company with minimum interest rate.
  • What is the inspection scope for pipe quality?
    We know the thickness issue is very critical in pipe quality. So we will strictly check the thickness tolerance to meet the contracted pipe spec. Also we will check the packing condition, body marking, shipping tag.
  • What kind of documents will be provided during production & shipment?
    After production, MTC(Mill Test Certificate) will be provided to assure you of the pipe quality. Related to the shipment, Invoice, Packing List, B/L(Bill of Lading), C/O(Certificate of Origin) will be provided with you.
  • If there is any claim issue, how we deal with it?"
    Don't worry. Our responsiblity is not until shipment, but until your satisfaction after receipt of cargo. We will handle claims according to the below internal policy and this clause will be also mentioned on our contract. 1) The buyer can claim within 30 days after arrival of pipes with independent 3rd party surveyor's report about quantity, weight, quality, damage and etc. 2) If it is clear the claim is seller's fault, the either way will be chosen through the seller and the buyer's mutual discussion. a) Refund b) Discount c) Replace
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