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HY, Changsa

​* The manufacturer's name has been initialized. Full name will not be exposed to protect their confidential information.

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2 Million ton per year
Line Pipe, OCTG, Boiler Tube & Alloy Tube

This mill is one of the largest seamless steel tube & pipe manufacturers in China with the largest export volume in China, whose main products are OCTG, pressure vessel and mechanical processing with various specifications and sizes under OD 800MM based on hot rolling and coating of anticorrosion technology.


It has 50 years history with the most entire rolling mills, advanced equipemnt and complete product specifications whose production scale has been ranked the global 5th by "Metal Bulletin" US. It has over 4,000 employees with total assets of 2 billion USD.


It has an annual output capacity of 1.2 million tons of seamless steel tube & pipe with entire specialized production process of iron, steel, tube & pipe and further processing, which can produce variety of seamless steel tube & pipe of OD6—800mm and WT 1.5—120mm based on specifications. It has been built 3 leading products of petroleum and natural gas, pressure vessels and mechanical tubing as well as HS series with independent intellectual property rights. Among them petroleum and natural gas product and service is mainly for complex geological environment mining, which has passed the test by customers and other inspection authorities such as ABS, CCS and affirmed by famous International oil companies like Chevron, Total, Maersk, and a strategic partner of Petro China, Sinopec, CNOOC.


It is famous for high-quality products. That's why big brands in petroleum, petrochemical, automobile and other industries remains their customers for long time in spite of a little bit high price.

Quality control

It has its own Laboratory approved by China National Accreditation Service and with more than 170 sets of various inspection and test equipment. It can run mechanical test, metallographic inspection and failure analysis of metal materials such as the metal room temperature tensile, high temperature tensile, impact, hardness, Flattening, flaring, expanding, tube & pipe ring tensile, bending, and flanging etc.


It can also analysis the chemical contents of steel, alloy, iron ore, coke, coal and other auxiliary material. It has Anti-hydrogen sulfide corrosion test can be done on tube & pipe. It is available to have the measure meter, pressure gauge, thermoelectric couple, electricity, threading calibrated and set here.


Petro china, Sinopec, Shell, ExxonMobil, Zoomlion

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